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Copper Vortex Energiser

Bringing water back to life


When attached to the domestic water inlet pipe, the Vortex Energiser energises all the water in the building constantly. Ordinary lifeless tap water becomes charged and healthy again, with a vitality much better than bottled water and regains a remarkable natural quality and taste.

The Vortex Energiser contains highly energised water which has been prepared using an innovative process called implosion, involving spinning the water very fast. The effect lasts for many years, due to the spiral shape. Many people experience a reduction in the taste of chlorine and hardness after fitting a Vortex Energiser, suggesting chemicals are transformed into a state less harmful to humans. Drinking the energised water strengthens the body’s own defences and makes the body cope much better with the detrimental outside effects stemming from pollution, chemicals and electro-magnetic radiation, which normal water treatment processes cannot eliminate.

The Vortex Energiser will energise your central heating system, fridge and freezer (improving taste and prolonging the life of food and drinks). Also for car cooling systems, garden ponds and swimming pools (only need to be 24 hrs in each case before connecting the Vortex Energiser to your water supply permanently).

The Vortex Energiser is also very good for office, industrial and farm applications. Many scientific tests and testimonials have proven the positive effect the Vortex Energiser has on water.
Greenhouse plants have shown to require less food, become healthier and increase in yield.

We humans consist of over 70% water. It is therefore vital to have healthy ‘living’ water to sustain us.

Dogs and cats who previously would not drink tap water, will suddenly drink it.

20 cm high, 18 cm greatest diameter.


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