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60 Capsules

Food capsules 500mg suitable for Vegans

Food capsules are nature's richest source of organic iodine.

2 capsules are equal to a large plateful of broccoli.



Arctic Fresh Seaweed

Seaweed is the most nutritious plant in the world

This unique wild wrack seaweed grows in the crystal clear Arctic water among remote conservation islands over 60 miles from the coast of northern Norway. It is hand-harvested, air dried and immediately milled.

They grow short, thick and exceptionally nutritious due to the continuous turbulence of the ocean. The seaweed continues to grow so the marine environment is unharmed. Seagreens is Europe’s only Soil Association certified product. Seagreens is pure seaweed and contains 3 different varieties of wrack, not found in any other seaweed product.


Seagreens highlights:

  • Contains all the micro-nutrients missing from processed food and depleted soil
  • It contains over 100 vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids and valuable compounds
  • Just enough iodine to regulate the thyroid and metabolism. Lack of iodine often cause a feeling of fatigue
  • Virtually fat-free and low in calories
  • Not an instant therapy to treat symptoms. Rather it prevents them by taking it over a long period
  • Strengthening immunity, resistance and recovery
  • Improves skin, hair, nails and circulation

Seagreens Food Capsules
Seagreens Capsules are Nature’s richer source of organic iodine, which is of special interest to vegans and vegetarians who may intake less than half the RDA. Seagreens’ capsules contain special wrack that has less iodine than kelp, so the daily intake at 1000mg can be sustained indefinitely. Providing significant amounts of all the other nutrients as well. Up to 6 kelp tablets would be needed to equal 2 capsules of Seagreens.



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