User’s Guide to Pycnogenol By Richard A Passwater, Ph.D


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User’s Guide to Pycnogenol: Nature’s Most Versatile Supplement

“A must for all health conscious consumers in this new era of environmental challenges to our well being.” – James F. Scheer, former editor, Let’s Live magazine

By Richard A Passwater, Ph.D


User’s Guide to Pycnogenol: Nature’s Most Versatile Supplement

Pycnogenol for Superior Health

Science uncovers the reasons why nature’s most amazing antioxidant is improving millions of lives.

If you could take a single natural product to protect and improve your cardiovascular and systemic (entire) circulation system and reduce your risk of heart disease, would you? If you could take a single natural product to reduce inflammation, which aggravates arthritis as well as many other conditions, would you? If you could protect your skin against sun damage including wrinkling and hyper-pigmentation, would you? If you could take a single natural dietary supplement that would reduce your risk of more than 60 diseases and improve your immunity to protect you against germ diseases, allergy and cold symptoms, would you? Of course you would. Any reasonable person would, provided he or she is aware of the strong scientific background of this single natural product.

The one natural product that offers all of these benefits, and more, is an extract from the bark of French Maritime Pine trees. It’s called Pycnogenol, and a growing body of scientific research and physicians’ experiences shows that it can have a profoundly important effect on health.

Pycnogenol works for a number of reasons. First, it’s a natural complex of several antioxidants – that is, substances that protect your body from free radicals and the ravages of the ageing process. Second, it has unique compounds that have specific interactions with several body systems. Third, it contains many of the beneficial compounds found in fruits and vegetables, but it concentrates them so you benefit from higher potencies. Pycnogenol bears some similarities to the many natural herbal remedies sold, but it has a long track record of exceptional safety.

Pycnogenol for Superior Health presents exciting new evidence about nature’s most powerful antioxidant – read how Pycnogenol can help bring you superior health.

One of lthe most remarkable natural antioxidants ever discovered, Pycnogenol (pronounced pik-nah-jeh-nol) is actually a complex of more than forty individual antioxidants extracted from the bark of French maritime pine trees. Long popular in Europe and the Unite States, Pycnogenol has been shown in scientific studies to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, painful inflammation, and even erectile dysfunction. Although these and other diseases may seem unrelated, they all share the same undercurrent of inadequate antioxidant levels. Pycnogenol’s unique properties and proven benefits have helped millions of people.

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