Personal Harmoniser Sealed in Leather


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The Personal Harmoniser
Bound and sealed in leather


Counteracts dangerous electro-magnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, cordless phones, televisions, supermarket checkouts etc.

The Personal Harmoniser contains highly energised imploded water which together with its spiral shape, retains its effect for many years. Its small size (5 cm x 3 cm), makes it easy to carry anywhere on your person.

It can be worn as an ornament round your neck.

Also encased in a leather case for your pocket. Ideal for men.

People suffering from M.E. and people feeling below par, often get a feeling of well being indoors and out.

The Personal Harmoniser, when placed on affected parts of your body, will stimulate healing and often relieve pain. It will energise water when placed next to it, often showing small bubbles against inside glass containers after a few minutes.
Personal Harmoniser Silver plated* £25.50
Personal Harmoniser Gold plated* £35.70
*boxed and with a cord if one wishes to hang it around your neck.


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