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Bio-Fish Oil – 80 Tablets x 1000 mg


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Pharma Nord Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

For a healthy immune system and heart.

Natural Lemon Flavour

80 Tablets x 1000 mg


Natural Lemon Flavour Bio-Fish Oil – For a healthy immune system and heart.

For a healthy heart, circulation and joints. Fish oil is a rich source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, including DHA and EPA. Omega 3 essential fatty acids play important roles in the normal functioning of the cardiovascular and immune system; they are also required for the normal development and functioning of the brain.

Why Pharma Nord Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements?

  • Bio-Fish Oil is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards
  • Each capsule contains 1000 mg of fish oil
  • The oil comes from the flesh of the fish, not the liver, containing high levels of vitamin A and D
  • Screened for toxins, which the fish may have come into contact with in the sea to ensure purity
  • 100% fish derived – fish gelatine capsules
  • Capsules can be swallowed, cut open or chewed
  • No fishy taste! Natural lemon flavour!
  • Gluten Free / Lactose Free / Soy Free / Yeast Free / Sugar Free

What is Bio-Fish Oil?

Bio-Fish Oil contains omega 3 in its natural (triglyceride) form, that converts into free fatty acids in your digestive system before absorption. The unique aspect of this preparation is that the capsules are made of fish gelatine, making it 100% fish-derived. Our omega 3 fish oil supplements have a pleasant, natural lemon flavour added to each 1000mg capsule. The fish used is caught in the cleaner waters of the South Pacific and Northern Atlantic.

  • 18% EPA (180mg) per capsule
  • 12% DHA (120mg) per capsule

The above ratios of EPA and DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) represent the same levels found in nature. Bio-Fish Oil is not chemically or heat modified to claim higher levels.

Recommended Dosage

We recommend 3 omega 3 fish oil capsules per day, or as directed by a physician.


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