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“Welcome to what I believe is the most powerful range of natural health products, helping you to deal with and prevent most health problems. All the products work on their own or in conjunction with both complementary and orthodox treatments.”

This unique range of products have all been field tested on humans for at least 10 years and shown to have no side-effects. The first thing you must take into account is Geopathic Stress, discovered about 80 years ago and which millions of people worldwide, including thousands of doctors, now recognise is the only common factor in most cases of serious and long-term illness both physically, mentally and when babies are born with defects.

Not only will you feel far more healthy when free of Geopathic Stress, but if you are having any treatment this will work much better. Gradually many doctors and nurses now realise orthodox and complementary medicines must work in tandem to obtain the best results.

Our products are very successful in treating pets and farm animals. Over the last 25 years our products have been exported to more than 45 countries worldwide.

We endeavor to dispatch 95% of all your orders within 24 hrs for next day delivery (UK); Europe: 2-5 days. Reluctantly we now have to charge £3.50 P&P on each UK order, unless stated otherwise, due to a average 50% increase in postage over the last 3 years.

You can also buy our products through your health practitioner/therapist.

“In the meantime keep healthy and fit by staying free from the effects of Geopathic Stress and Electro Pollution. Prevent dangerous micro parasites, take the extra minerals and vitamins modern food no longer provides and exercise each day on a Rebounder.”

Dulwich Health Ltd. is a social enterprise operated for over 25 years and which exists to help people, rather than to maximise profits. Confidential information is not kept on computers, neither are Credit/Debit Card details and our mailing lists will never be rented or sold.

“My son was one of over 150,000 people in the UK to die of cancer in 1985. This led me to thoroughly investigate the claim that Geopathic Stress is a major factor contributing to cancer. “Are You Sleeping In A Safe Place?” is the first publication in English to present the evidence and substantiate the claim first made about 80 years ago.”

“I hope you find the information on this site useful, and please don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 208 670 5883 if you need any more help or advise.”


Rolf Gordon


P.S. We always encourage anybody feeling ill to contact their doctor first.
P.P.S. See our two new products Lo-Sterol for controlling cholesterol and GoodHEART for a heathy heart.


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