RadiTech Research

Research has shown how effectively the RadiTech works to improve your health.

Blood1   Picture A. Before      Blood2   Picture B. After

Unclustered Blood Cells:
Picture A shows how clustered red blood cells were when Steve was Geopathic Stressed. By placing his hands and feet on a RadiTech for 15 minutes, picture B shows Steve’s red blood cells became even and unclustered. Free moving red blood cells transfer more oxygen through the capillaries, preventing accumulation of toxins, infection and long-term damage to the tissues. Certain sticky cells may adhere more easily to the blood vessel walls and may cause arteriosclerosis and a host of other adverse affects.

Thermograph pictures:
Part of the body would show up in red colour (too hot) where a Geopathic Stress line crosses a person, when in bed. After the person has become Geopathic Stress free by installing a RadiTech the thermograph pictures would show the body back to normal colour all over.

  1. Caroline
    10th March 2017

    Can you please tell me if the RadiTech has an plug in the is compatible with the outlets in the USA? I would really like to purchase this item but want to make sure I can use it. I am located in Indiana, United States of America.

    • Stratis Karatjas
      10th March 2017

      Hi Caroline, the latest generation of the RadiTech is free-standing and not plugging into the mains. It can be used anywhere in the world.
      Regards Stratis

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