A to Z of Health

Suggestions on how to prevent or deal with health problems and make other treatments (including Orthodox) much more effective.

In all cases, ensure you are not Geopathic Stressed to enable any therapy is going to work 100%.

Many illnesses are caused by micro-parasites. Get checked out. If present, use Allitech.

We always encourage anybody feeling ill to contact their doctor first.

Acid Alkaline Balance (pH)
Keeping your blood slightly alkaline is as important as a health diet. If found low after using a pH limus test strip take one level teaspoon full of bicarbonate of soda in a cup of water first thing in the morning for 7 to 10 days (ask for more details)

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
Affected people are nearly always high in micro parasites in the brain (take AlliTech), low in Q10 and are Geopathic Stressed. Exercise on Rebounder.

Venustorn Tea. MagneTech.

Learn how to breathe. Ask for special information.

All affected children are Geopathic Stressed. Several children are no autistic after moving beds into a good place.

Back & Spinal Pain

Bladder Infection
Use MagneTech direct. Take Venustorn and AlliTech.

Use MagneTech direct without delay.

Cancer – help to prevent
Ensure bed, chair and workplace are not Geopathic Stressed. Take Q10, Vit E, C & D and Selenium & Zinc. Micro-parasites are nearly always present. Take Allitech. Ensure 7.4 pH alkaline blood.

Car Sickness
Portable RadiTech or wear G-Oyster.

MagneTech direct.

Breast feeding mother take OxyTech. If bottle feeding put a little pulverised OxyTech in bottle, or on a teaspoon with honey.

Use MagneTech direct. take Magnesium

Crohn’s Disease
OxyTech, Bio-Culture and AlliTech.

Dental Problems
Q10 for Periodontal disease, MagneTech for toothache, ulcers and bleeding gums.

Using MagneTech direct on pancreas has shown good results if patient is a teenager or younger. AlliTech.

Digestive Problems
Use OxyTech and Bio-Culture for Candida, bloated stomach, irritable bowel, leaky gut, continuous constipation or diarrhoea.

Ear Inflammation
MagneTech direct.

Eye Problems
MagneTech direct, or on reflexology points under feet.

Food Poisoning
Large quantity of OxyTech as soon as possible.

Frozen Shoulder
MagneTech direct.

Gall Bladder Stones
Ask for information sheet on low cost remedy which discharges stones within 5 days in 95% of cases with no pain.

Gangrene – to prevent surgery

MagneTech to improve blood circulation and AlliTech.

MagneTech direct and Venustorn Tea.

Headaches & Migraine
Often due to lack of Magnesium.

Head Lice
Wash hair with AlliTech Liquid.

Ensure sleeping in Geopathic Stress-free bed. Use MagneTech.

Injuries of all types
MagneTech heals bones and wounds much faster inc. sprains. Exercise on a Rebounder. AlliTech spray and gel on open wounds.

Insect Bites
Use MagneTech direct as soon as possible.

MagneTech on liver.

Jet Lag & DVT
Wear a G-Oyster. Wear elasticated stockings. Get up and move about often during flight. No alcohol.

MagneTech and Venustorn Tea to revitalise.

Leg Ulcers
MagneTech heals 80% of cases. AlliTech gel direct on ulcer.

AlliTech. Rebounder. Wear G-Oyster.

Lyme Disease
AlliTech. Really works or money back.

M.E. (Post Viral Syndrome) (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
Wear G-Oyster. Q10, OxyTech, Seagreens and Rebounder for Energy. Must be Geopathic Stress-free.

Mobile Phone
Wear G-Oyster or Personal Harmoniser.

Mouth Ulcers
Use MagneTech direct on outside skin.


Gangreen – in big toe
To prevent surgery AlliTech and MagneTech.

Use MagneTech direct.

Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria & Virius

Breathe in AlliTech Liquid through a nebuliser and use MagneTech direct on outside lungs. Also take AlliTech orally.

Poor Blood Circulation
Use MagneTech on hands and feet.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) & Period Pain
Use MagneTech direct and ensure no Geopathic Stressed.

Prostate Problems
MagneTech direct. AlliTech. Wear G-Oyster near prostate.

Repetitive Strain Injury
MagneTech on wrist daily.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis & Swollen Joints
MagneTech. AlliTech. Venustorn Tea.

Scars, including operational Scars & Wound Healing
MagneTech and AlliTech Gel direct.

Shingles & Sciatica
Treat affected area direct with a MagneTech together with AlliTech orally and Gel externally.

Use MagneTech direct or under feet.

Skin Problems
Eczema, cellutitis, sores etc. OxyTech for a healthy colon. MagneTech and AlliTech Gel direct on problem area.

Sports Injuries
Involving pain, swelling, inflammation, sprains, pulled muscles, cuts, abrasions, bruises, wounds, broken bones. Use MagneTech direct regularly and as soon as possible. See Wounds.

Stress & Insomnia
RadiTech for rapid and completely neutralising Geopathic Stress and Electro Pollution in you and your home. Venustorn to detoxify your kidneys. Use Rebounder every day, not before bedtime. Wear G-Oyster to prevent getting Geopathic Stress at work etc. and from other people. Place under pillow during sleep. Extra Magnesium at night might help.

MagneTech and AlliTech.

AlliTech Liquid internally and Gel externally.

Under active or over active. Use MagneTech direct Ulcerated Colitis and Uncontrollable Diarrhoea OxyTech and Venustorn Tea.

Wounds, including Bed Sores
Use MagneTech direct. AlliTech Gel direct.


First Aid when away from home

Use MagneTech direct as soon as possible after all injuries etc. OxyTech for upset stomach inc. food poisoning, constipation, diarrhoea or hangover. AlliTech is nature’s very powerful antibiotic, anti-parasites, anti-viral, anti-fungal and immune booster.

Healthy Dogs, Cats & Horses

VigorTech for all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements missing in their normal food. AlliTech directly on food when ill. All animals must sleep in a Geopathic Stress-free place.

  1. juliegeorge1000
    8th January 2017

    Hi my friend Andromeda Kumara has recommended Ali tech to me, I am awaiting a diagnosis of a suspected cancer to my neck lymph node. I own 3 beautiful Standard poodles who share my life and bed. I do worm regularly however a more natural wormer does sound more appealing and I can deworm myself as well. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Bright blessings to you

    • Stratis Karatjas
      9th January 2017

      Dear Julie, thank you for the message, I will send you a reply via email
      All the best Stratis

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