Health Suggestions

We always encourage anybody feeling ill to contact their doctor first.

MagneTech and Venustorn Tea to revitalise.

Leg Ulcers
MagneTech heals 80% of cases. AlliTech gel direct on ulcer.

AlliTech. Rebounder. Wear G-Oyster.

Lyme Disease
AlliTech. Really works or money back.

M.E. (Post Viral Syndrome) (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
Wear G-Oyster. Q10, OxyTech, Seagreens and Rebounder for Energy. Must be Geopathic Stress-free.

Mobile Phone
Wear G-Oyster or Personal Harmoniser.

Mouth Ulcers
Use MagneTech direct on outside skin.


Gangreen in big toe
To prevent surgery AlliTech and MagneTech.

Use MagneTech direct.

Parasites, Fungi, Bacteria and Virius

Breathe in AlliTech Liquid through a nebuliser and use MagneTech direct on outside lungs. Also take AlliTech orally.

Poor Blood Circulation
Use MagneTech on hands and feet.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Period Pain
Use MagneTech direct and ensure no Geopathic Stressed.

Prostate Problems
MagneTech direct. AlliTech. Wear G-Oyster near prostate.

Repetitive Strain Injury
MagneTech on wrist daily.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis & Swollen Joints
MagneTech. AlliTech. Venustorn Tea.

Scars, including operational Scars and Wound Healing MagneTech and AlliTech Gel direct.

Shingles & Sciatica
Treat affected area direct with a MagneTech together with AlliTech orally and Gel externally.

Use MagneTech direct or under feet.

Skin Problems
Eczema, cellutitis, sores etc. OxyTech for a healthy colon. MagneTech and AlliTech Gel direct on problem area.

Sports Injuries
Involving pain, swelling, inflammation, sprains, pulled muscles, cuts, abrasions, bruises, wounds, broken bones. Use MagneTech direct regularly and as soon as possible. See Wounds.

Stress & Insomnia
RadiTech for rapid and completely neutralising Geopathic Stress and Electro Pollution in you and your home. Venustorn to detoxify your kidneys. Use Rebounder every day, not before bedtime. Wear G-Oyster to prevent getting Geopathic Stress at work etc. and from other people. Place under pillow during sleep. Extra Magnesium at night might help.

MagneTech and AlliTech.

AlliTech Liquid internally and Gel externally.

Under active or over active. Use MagneTech direct Ulcerated Colitis and Uncontrollable Diarrhoea OxyTech and Venustorn Tea.

Wounds, including Bed Sores
Use MagneTech direct. AlliTech Gel direct.

First Aid when away from home
Use MagneTech direct as soon as possible after all injuries etc. OxyTech for upset stomach inc. food poisoning, constipation, diarrhoea or hangover. AlliTech is nature’s very powerful antibiotic, anti-parasites, anti-viral, anti-fungal and immune booster.

Healthy Dogs, Cats & Horses
VigorTech for all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements missing in their normal food. AlliTech directly on food when ill. All animals must sleep in a Geopathic Stress-free place.

At Dulwich Health we have put together a number of articles which cover our suggestions which we hope you will find helpful

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