Practitioners case histories using a MagneTech

Of the many reports from Practitioners, here are just a few:-

Chiropractor Paul Godwin (Basingstoke) uses the MT on back pain by treating the ligaments in the sacroiliac sacrum area and the vertebrae on the lumbar 1-5 and sacrum 1-5. Paul finds the MT indispensable and uses it about 10 minutes in every 40 minutes treatment.

Reflexologist Milan Velasevic (London) finds using the MT on the Reflexology points on the feet gives very powerful treatment and uses it on every patient for about 10 minutes.

Acupuncturist Jorgen Moller Anderson (Copenhagen) knows, after several years experience, the MT is much more powerful than other expensive magnetic therapy apparatus he has already and gets a stronger reaction than using laser acupuncture. He treats nearly every patient with the MT.

Healer Yvonne Hall (Guernsey) clears herself with the MT after a day’s healing Tom Williams (Newton Abbott) “Clearing sinus problems has been one of the most useful uses of the MT.

Paula B. Clausen (Sonderburg, Denmark) finds the MT on the lower back very helpful for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. After a hard day giving treatment, she also uses the MT on herself to relieve shoulder strain.

Dr. Anthony Dunstan Fox (New Milton) has found the MT particularly useful in healing chronic skin infections, acute sinusitis, toothache and migraine.

Healer and Dowser David Brownie (Aberdeen, Scotland) after dowsing a particularly bad house, he clears himself of Geopathic Stress by holding the MT for a short while.

Therapeutic Masseur Malcolm Clark (Brighton) could not give a patient with Parkinson’s disease massage until the MT had been used on the spine for 10 minutes. After the massage the patient had not felt so relaxed for a long time. Other Practitioners report relieving painful muscles first with the MT, so the body can relax and get the maximum benefit from the massage treatment.

Dr. A. C. Newberry (Harley Street) “Very effective for muscular pains on face and on arms and legs. Also for headaches”.

Jane Milburn (Warwick) “Very good on varicose veins with almost immediate effect soon after direct treatment. Also excellent for bruises and pains. I always have the MT with me”.

Grace Dunseith (Somerset West, South Africa) “I am having great success with patient who has a chronic frozen shoulder. The X-ray indicated that it should be impossible to obtain the movement that she has acquired since I have been treating her with the MagneTech. Her doctor is amazed”.

Experiments carried out as below have proved that strong rotating magnets neutralise poisonous substances:

A. Carbon Monoxide introduced into a tank usually killed fish except when magnetism was first applied to the water.

B. Pot plants died within days of being watered with water mixed with Sulphuric Acid, except when the water was treated with magnetism beforehand.

C. The potency of rat poison was reduced by 50% (Vega tested) after 10 minutes magnetic treatment.

Increasing the power of the MagneTech Even though the MagneTech is the strongest permanent magnetic apparatus the power can be increased more than twice by using more than one MagneTech for very serious ailments.