Case histories using a MagneTech

Magnetic Therapy gives relief from numerous ailments and diseases and cures many.

Here are a few of the successful treatments with the MagneTech (MT) being reported:-

Allergies – To wheat has now disappeared after using MT over bread. E Gleeson Eire.

Arthritis – Treatment has enabled Margot freedom of movement, which she has not had for years. Swelling and pain much reduced.

Asthma – A 3 year old girl in a really bad state of collapse. Within 4 minutes of treatment the girl was completely symptom free – J.S. Douglas. Osteopathic Physician, New Zealand.

Back and Spinal Pain – Moira, age 30 sustained a back injury as a result of falling downstairs. After a long period of pain was quickly pain-free – Ruth had continuous back pain from injury. There was relief from pain after ten minute treatment. – John pulled a shoulder muscle. He had the problem for two weeks and found relief after ten minutes with the MT. – Sandra had pain in both arms. The pain had completely gone on leaving the practise after MT treatment on her spine. – Mary had so much shoulder pain she had two cortisone injections a day. Ten minutes treatment on her shoulder stopped the pain and no more painkillers were needed. Reports from Practitioners Gillian Collins (Bury) and Sally Crabtree (Penzance) and Midwife Agnes Beary (Cork).

Bladder Problems – John had a long-standing pain in his bladder, which disappeared after a few short treatments.

Bleeding Gums – Michael had bleeding gums for a long time before they were healed by treatment on the jaw over one week.

Callous – A large one – a legacy of a broken bone – has virtually disappeared. O. Payne

Cancer – MT gives relief from pain, revitalises the body after Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatment and operations. Generally gives people a better quality of life.

Circulation Problems – Margaret was told she would lose her fingers and toes due to bad circulation. Regular use of the MT has completely restored normal circulation to her extremities.

Cellulites – Margaret B (Practitioner, Isle of Wight) was so badly affected that there was no skin on the top of her right hand. After six months unsuccessful treatment at a surgery the MT was used direct. The nurses and doctors were amazed to see the skin growing again within a week and complete healing was rapid.

Cerebral Palsy – Jane N. of Stroud, Glos. After using the MT on a daily basis she can now relax her hands, arms and legs so they no longer are rigid, this enables her to sit quietly in her wheelchair when taken to shops etc. – Jane can now hold her head up and can swallow and communicate better – David Harrison of Middle Risen, Links, 11 years old is also a victim of Cerebral Palsy – Since using the MT he has made the following progress. He is more alert, his eyes are wide open and the ‘white’ appears to have a clarity not seen before. He has better co-ordination with feeding and drinking. His appetite has improved, as has his willingness to drink. He passes more urine, which is lighter in colour (showing his kidneys have been revitalised). David’s head is less ‘wobbly’.  A physiotherapist reports ‘David has expanded and has wee chubby cheeks’.

Chilblains – Christine has incurable chilblains for many years due to horse riding. Within 3 minutes of using the MT the pain had gone and the chilblains within 3 days of daily treatment.

Colon – J. Anderson (Medical Practitioner) reported one patient arrived with very bad long standing pain in her transverse colon. After the MT was used on her colon for 20 minutes the pain had completely disappeared and has not recurred.

Diabetes – 12 year old Trudie Campbell-Walsh (Kltimagh, Eire) was diagnosed as having diabetes two years ago and started to have insulin injections. After using the MT on her pancreas she stopped using insulin within a few months. The hospital informed her she was the first they had heard of to come off insulin in Southern Ireland.

Drugs – The director of the Tranquilliser Addiction Self Help Association in Devon, Lynn Piper states “Since we started using the MT on our clients two years ago, we have noticed the withdrawal time from Benzodiazepine drugs has been cut by nearly half the time. We are as delighted, as are our clients”.

Invalid – Using the MT continuously, Janette H. of Cirencester can now for the first time in 30 years control her bladder and bowels. Her mother (Reflexologist) says ‘1994 was a wonderful Christmas with very little laundry!’

Ear Inflammation –15 year old John H (Copenhagen) had been treated for ten years at great expense with no success and the continuous discharge had started to reduce his hearing. Seven days treatments of ten minutes with the MagneTech ensured the inflammation had completely gone.

Eye Problems – Mary’s muscle problem in her eye was solved by daily treatment over one week, – SKD’s Glaucoma problem has normalised after using the MT for some time. Many report the MT very good for sore and tired eyes.

Fatigue & M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) – Maggie Payne, Isle of Man who has had M.E. for many years’ feels the MT has given her more energy and helped her immune system. – Eileen Gleeson, Cashel, Co. Tipperary had M.E. and finds the MT great to energise herself in the morning and ease her sore muscles in the evenings after a days work.

Frozen Shoulder – meant Joe Hughes, Cambusland, Glasgow had to retire. Within two weeks of using the MT he was fit and started a new demanding job. – Dick 72 years old had a frozen should for many years and had no relief from taking medication. The MT was used once on the shoulder and he had instant relief.

Gangrene Prevention – 86 year old Steven’s toes went blue which is early sign of gangrene. Using the MagneTech on his feet brought the blood flow back to his toes which soon became normal again. This enabled Steve to walk 2 miles a day again.

Heart Operation – Richard T (Emsworth) had a double heart by-pass and valve repair operation. After using the MT direct on the operations scar, it stopped itching within a few days. Also using the MagneTech on his kidneys and neck he no longer needs to raise his hands above his head at short intervals, to get the blood flowing better and prevent his hands going numb. Also his swollen feet have reduced to normal size. Richard’s Doctor was pleasantly surprised when he next saw him.

Hip Replacement – Steve M (SW England) had been advised to have hip replacement on both sides. After several months MT treatment on hips and feet, X-rays show the blood supply has returned to his hips and Steve can again walk without sticks. Operation cancelled.

Hiatus Hernia – Roger Rose, a well know practitioner in Dunstable, reported his hiatus hernia has been much relieved after treatment with the MT on his sternum (breastbone).

Injuries – RGD (London) sprained his wrist badly. Half an hour with the MT on the wrist improved condition 95% within 12 hours. – Bill, USA Coach driver sprained his ankel. He could drive again the next day for 8 hours a day for the next 20 days.

Insect Bite – Mother cleared daughter Ann’s nasty insect bite within 24 hours after two treatments of ten minutes.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – G Mantle, Acupuncturist, Westgate, Kent has found the MT very effective with his I.B.S. in soothing the agitation and the intestinal gas that goes with it.

Jaundice – John Machroy, Skene, Scotland was treated for only two minutes at the back of his head immediately his yellow complexion disappeared and he looked healthy again. Also his stomach trouble and diarrhoea cleared resulting in his first night of undisturbed sleep for 14 days.

Kidneys – Michael B. (Aberdeen) was informed by his hospital doctor that one of his kidneys had stopped working and the other was very weak and that he required a kidney transplant. Michael’s kidneys were treated several times a day for a few weeks with the MT. To the astonishment of the doctors, the kidneys were found to be working satisfactorily and no further treatment was given and the kidneys are still working satisfactorily ten years afterwards. – Mrs Betty C. (Surrey) has had very painful kidneys for 5 years and was taking maximum antibiotics. Within 14 days of using the MT daily all pain had gone and she was not taking any more antibiotics.

Knee Joint – Edward B. (Cornwall) was offered new knee joints but after MT treatments each day for 4 weeks knees have much improved and he could walk without pain. No pain-killers now used and steroid previously given is now out of the body. Operation cancelled.

Leg Ulcers – Fatima Alcantra (Oxford) a community nurse reported treating 5 cases of long-term leg ulcers. Within one month 3 of the patients ulcers had healed and the remaining 2 cases had wounds half the size. – Dr A.G.D (Chester) reported a patient’s leg ulcers healed after being open for two years.

Multiple Sclerosis – Former singer Simone Summerscales of Ripley (Derby) spent long periods in hospital. “Within days of using the MT I started to get much more movement and feelings in my legs”. Her intake of steroids has been reduced from 60mg per day to nil. She can now leave her wheelchair and resume driving her car – John A. (Dorset) writes “I have been using the MT for 3 weeks and I have been astonished with the almost miraculous healing effect this marvellous apparatus has had. My legs are slowly regaining strength, the hearing difficulties are no longer being experienced and the fatigue certainly has decreased. The dreadful pain in my back, shoulders and neck has virtually disappeared despite no longer using strong painkillers. My ability to sleep throughout the night has returned. I can now get out of my wheelchair and walk about. Quite frankly, I am amazed at the most fanatic results I have experienced during such a short period of using the MT”. Period Bleeding which occurred three weeks in every month, for years, was reduced to one week every month by Cecilla, herself, using the MagneTech 20 minutes daily for three months.

PMS – Maria Breek no longer has pre-menstrual pain each month after using the MT on the reflexology points on the outside of the left foot (ovary point).

Polio – Ben P. (Bournemouth) had a weak leg caused by polio many years ago. His leg, improved much after MT treatment.

Prostate – John B. (Manchester) would have to use painkillers continuously unless he used the MT regularly.

Radiotherapy – Lena D (London) had throat cancer and was given the strongest radiotherapy possible – 10 times over two weeks. When she came home she felt as if her head was exploding. Ten minutes with the MagneTech at the back of Lena’s head made her feel normal again. St Thomas’ hospital said they had never come across a patient, who could take radiation near the head so well. They even gave her two extra day’s radiotherapy. Lena was the only smiling patient in the waiting room.

Repetitive Strain Injury – Rosemary found she no longer had RSI after using the MagneTech daily for one month.

Scar Healing – Jennifer was able to leave hospital 2 days earlier after an operation by using the MT daily on her operation scar.

Sinuses – Neils (Osteopath) sinus problems cleared within 10 minutes by treating the reflexology points on his feet. – The MT will clear most people’s sinus problem very quickly.

Skin Graft – from the back of Mary would not heal completely and was very sensitive to touch. Healed after one week’s treatment.

Sports Injuries – Myrtle Augee’s shoulders had been painful for a long time. By using the MT the pain disappeared in time for Barcelona Olympic Games where she got into the shot put final. – Joep Breek in the Netherlands is a well known international amateur cyclist. After having cycled 150 km two days running, his thigh muscles were very stiff and painful. After treating each thigh for 20 minutes with a MT strapped either side of his thighs the pain had gone and the muscles again relaxed so Joep was ready for another 150 km race the following day. Sports injury caused pain and swelling of Peter’s right knee – frequent visits to his GP with no improvement. Two treatments on front and back of knee for 20 minutes and the swelling and pain had gone within one hour.

Stroke – Peter A. (Copenhagen) had lost his voice and his left arm was paralysed due to brain haemorrhage. His practitioner gave him just three treatments on the brain in front of his ears with the MT, of ten minutes each during 10 days and Mr A. regained his speech and the use of his left arm completely.

Toothache – and swelling disappeared after one hour’s treatment. Rolf’s toothache was gone the next morning after treatment in the evening. (This treatment hardly ever fails)

Verrucas – D. Payne’s 9 year old daughter had very stubborn verrucas which she had for a year, they went after one week’s treatment.

Whiplash – Neck injury nine months old, was cured by John S. L. (Sunbury) after using the MT for two minutes.

Other Treatments

Injuries involving pain, swelling, inflammation, sprains, pulled ligaments, skin damage inc. cuts, abrasions and wounds can be healed in to remarkably short time.

Dental problems inc. toothache, bleeding gums, inflammation, ulcers and abscesses in the mouth have been successfully treated.

Many other ailments have been treated including headaches and migraines, eyes, gout, bronchial, enlarged prostate, blocked urethra, fluid retention, PMT, burns, dizziness, sunburn, hangover and sores caused by “super bugs”.

Animals – Many successful reports on treatment of cats, dogs, horses, etc.

Plants – Treating roots and water can increase growth quite dramatically.

Many more case histories and letters are kept on file in our office.

  1. Rachel Goldenberg
    13th November 2015

    I had terrible carpal tunnel syndrome pain on my wrist. this was due to repetitive work. I was in such pain I could not imagine how I would be able to do housework, as a mother of young children. I put it a few minutes on my wrist and it was a lifesaver. Then I placed it near my ears when I felt ringing in my ears and it went away. amazing stuff.

  2. Lynda May
    11th December 2016

    I would love to know how long to use the MT and also whether you hold it gently against the area or whether you hold it tight against.

    • Stratis Karatjas
      15th December 2016

      Dear Lynda, thank you for your comment, please follow the instructions in the manual bearing in mind you only need to lightly touch the area with the MagneTech you do not need to press it on.
      kind regards

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