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The three main ‘vitamins’ you need when you are eating:

T is for time.

Give yourself time to eat. The French are not necessarily healthier because they drink wine, but it relaxes them, so they spend longer eating.
If you eat under stress, your stomach can close down for up to two hours, so you do not benefit from your food.

O is for oxygen.

Eat slowly so you can breathe more during eating and more oxygen enters your stomach, making calories burn better and thereby your body gets the maximum benefit from your food. If you do not burn calories properly, they will be stored as fat in your body.
If you eat too quickly and wish to burn calories better, take one OxyTech capsule with your main meal. This will give you plenty of extra oxygen.

P is for pleasure.

Take pleasure in everything you eat, then your stomach will digest it better; even if you are eating something you know is a little bit ‘naughty’! If you are on a diet, have that cream cake or what you long for, now and again. Then you are much more likely to keep to a strict diet.

You must feed your soul.
It is not what you eat; it is mainly how you eat it.

Latest update: Mar 9 2016
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